Are you trying to draw more customers in to your bar and grill-style restaurant? Utilizing common marketing techniques like posting on social media and printing coupons in the local paper may help drum up business, but these strategies will only get you so far. If you really want the place to be packed, try implementing one or more of these more unique marketing strategies.

Sponsor a sports team.

Contact local sports leagues in your area and ask if they're looking for sponsors. If your restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere, you may want to sponsor youth sports leagues, whereas if the emphasis is more on the bar side of the business, you may want to look for adult amateur teams to sponsor.

Typically, when you sponsor a local sports team, you'll pay for a specific sponsorship package through the league. The cost of such a package may be anywhere from $100 to $5,000 depending on what's included. Usually, your name will be included on the team's shirts and other gear. The team may, in some cases, be named after your business. You may also see your advertisements on billboards in the arena or field where the team plays. Team members, coaches, and audience members will all see your advertisements. Not only will your sponsorship raise awareness of your restaurant, but it will also demonstrate how dedicated your business is to being engaged in the local community -- and many customers will buy from you because they value this involvement.

Host parties for "big games."

Whether it's the Super Bowl or the Pro Bowl, arranging a special "party" for the big game is a great way to attract new customers who will hopefully become ongoing customers. Serve some snacks like chips and dip, chicken wings, or fries "on the house" and offer drink specials. Put the game on the television, and have your staff dress in the team's colors. You may even ask attendees to dress in their team's colors in order to get a discount on their orders. Advertise your party on your website, on social media, and on signs inside the restaurant entrance. Encourage your loyal customers to bring their friends with them. If they have a great time, they'll be back -- and over time, you'll build a reputation as the go-to place for parties.

Participate in local food festivals.

Does your city have a local "taste" event? Maybe there's a local concert series or an outdoor flea market. Contact the people who run these events in your area and ask how you can become a food vendor. Usually, you'll have to pay a small fee to set up your booth at the event, and then you can sell dishes of your choosing to attendees.

Feature some of your best dishes, and sell them to attendees at reasonable prices. Make sure the name and location of your restaurant are prominently displayed above your booth. Give each customer your card. Those who enjoy your dishes will likely seek out your restaurant and become repeat customers.

Partner with a different business and advertise to each other's customers.

Who else do you know who owns a business nearby? Maybe you know someone with a shoe store, a bakery, a sporting goods store, or an auto shop. Talk to the business owners you know, and ask if you can leave a stack of coupons for your restaurant on their counters. In exchange, post an advertisement for their business in your restaurant. Your customers will learn about them, and their customers will learn about you.

It can take some time to build a larger customer base for your restaurant, so be patient. Implement one or more of the strategies above, and you'll be well on your way to being Voted Best of America.