If you own a business, or are responsible for building the brand name of a product, you should already be aware of the important influence social media has on marketing. Marketing experts feel that it is nearly impossible for a company to survive without a social media presence in today's business world.

In an age where social data and consumer information are becoming essential, Twitter has established a new API platform called Gnip. Here's an explanation of why social media has become such an important part of marketing strategy and how Gnip can help empower your business to realize your full advertising potential using social media.

  • Customer Relations

One immediate benefit is to enhance the relationships between the business and its customers. When you employ a marketing model that incorporates social media, you will have the option to communicate with your customer base immediately.

Often the first company to respond is the one that generates the business, or at the very least establishes a foundation for future interaction with the customer. Social media allows businesses to establish a connection with customers all over the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It's no longer a suggested part of a business, it is proving to be imperative.

  • Target Marketing and Search Results

When it comes to website generated business, increasing the traffic to the site is the goal. There are different ways to promote a website, but nothing works as successfully as establishing a strong social media presence.

When your business employs a strong social media presence, you are actually augmenting your website traffic. Social media strategies allow you to target particular demographics and geographical regions of the world so that the traffic that you do generate is more attune with what you are trying to market.

As you begin to amass large amounts of data and your customer base increases, you are going to need a system that can quickly analyze, categorize, and digest all this data so it is instantly useful. That is the central idea behind Twitter's data Gnip.

  • Twitter Gnip

Gnip is the database that has every single 'tweet' in existence. Even tweets that were posted, and then deleted are on file. There are somewhere upwards of 500 million tweets posted every day, so making sense of all that information would be impossible without some way to break it down in manageable blocks.

Since it started in late 2015, Gnip's developers have perfected the analytical features and divided the platform into an engagement API and an audience based API. What this means for you as a business owner is you will have real time, historical data that will provide your business with critical data to perfect your social media presence. To learn more, contact a company like DiscoverText.