Are Billboards Still Effective?

When used properly, billboards are still an effective marketing tool. The key is to use them with an integrated marketing strategy that adds to the other tools in your advertising arsenal such as social media, television, and radio ads. Billboards are a way to reach future customers that are driving home from work, picking up their kids from school, and running errands. While they may seem quaint and retro at this point, the truth is that billboards are still advertising powerhouses. The amount of drivers on the road increases every year; and so does the amount of time stuck in traffic. This provides companies with a built-in captive audience.

Sleek and Modern: Digital Billboards

One way to still stand out is through digital billboards. Most companies still rely on the old-fashioned static ones. While not as groundbreaking as they once were, they are still rare enough in most places to make an impact. In cities like Las Vegas, where digital billboards are the majority, a static billboard is likely to get lost in the mix. While more expensive than a traditional billboard, an electronic one can be shared with another company that is non-competing or complimentary to your product. Your ad and their ad can take turns being shown. This can help defray the cost.

Creative Billboards: Thinking Outside the Box

One strategy to grab the attention of potential customers is to up the ante with mind-blowing creativity. Some examples are using three-dimensional objects protruding off of billboards or forgoing a flat surface altogether. One example is to have cows painting a billboard to advertise a fast-food chain. Other options include building a scaled down skyscraper to advertise a real estate company or hiring actual human beings to stand on a platform on the billboard to advertise a reality show. The crazier the concept, the more likely it will be for consumers to notice your billboard.

Using Analytics

Billboards can be rigged with a built-in camera to track the amount of cars that drive by your ad. This will give you an idea of how many people your billboard has the potential to reach. Display your social media handles prominently on your billboard to drive traffic to your website. On your website, you can have a quick survey to ask new customers how they found out about your company. This will show that billboards are still an effective advertising tool, but just one of many in your marketing strategy.

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