Given that the sense of smell is thought to be the strongest of any of your senses and often prompts clear memories of specific items or events, it's not surprising to learn that it is now possible to have specific scents branded to your business. For example, if you were to walk into a department store and immediately be greeted by the same smell every time, you are likely to eventually associate shopping with that scent. Since scent branding is not limited to stores, it can also extend itself to magazines, mailings and other forms of advertising. When you are ready to take the marketing of your business to the next step and truly engage with your customers, it's a good idea to have a clear understanding of scent branding:

Understanding The Need For Brand Scenting  

Since the majority of businesses today hope to sell a product a product or service and thereby produce profit, it only makes sense that anything that can attract new customers or keep loyal customers coming back is worth consideration. In fact, millions of dollars for advertising and marketing are spent every year in order to do just that.

However, many customers fail to respond to those techniques as previous generations have. Often, that is because consumers have become increasingly immune to new advertisements because people are being inundated with it at every turn. It's almost impossible not to see ads and other marketing ideas for a myriad of items and after a while, it is not unusual to simply not notice them.

As a result, opting to use the sense of smell to inspire positive emotions in your customers through scent branding is a newer and more sophisticated way to gain the attention of your customers repeatedly. Obviously, choosing the right scent is crucial, as explained next. 

Choosing The Most Appropriate Scent For Your Needs And Business

If you have ever spent time in an upscale hotel, you might have noticed that although the rooms were spotless and the hotel itself was above reproach, you never smelled bleach or any harsh cleaning agents. Instead, you probably experienced a soothing, calming scent and if you were to return to the hotel today, you might feel calm and soothed.

In addition, repeated exposure can reinforce those feelings, so if you were to stay at that hotel frequently, the triggered emotional response could be even more intense. However, if you were to stay at a lesser hotel with strong scents of bleach or disinfectants wafting through the buildings, you might only feel irritated upon return visits. As a result, it's essential to work with professional scent branders to create the right scent for your store. It should be subtle, yet distinct and neither masculine or feminine, unless your store caters exclusively to a single gender. 

In conclusion, scent branding is a popular way to subtly market your business or product to new and existing clients. When you are ready to introduce its use, it will be quite helpful to consider the information provided above.    

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