If you listen to the news, read the papers, or engage with blogs online, you are likely hearing that the country is divided. However, when you go out and talk with people, they often seem to have a lot more in common than the media indicates. If you are a politician or thinking about running for office, you may want to poll your constituents. That way you can find out what they have in common and figure out ways to represent them more effectively.

Political polling services can help you in a number of ways. Wondering if it's worth the time and expense? Here are five signs you need political polling.

1. You Truly Want to Represent Your Constituents

As an elected official, your job is to represent the people who live in your district. Arguably, that's even more important than just representing the people who actually voted for you. Ideally, you want to make decisions that affect everyone in your area positively.

However, it can be hard to know what people are thinking. Political polling can help you figure out what people are thinking and what they want.

2. You Want to Know What Makes Your Constituents Tick

In addition to figuring out what your constituents are thinking, you may be wondering what motivates your constituents or in other words, what makes them tick. Political polling can also help in this regard. You can set up a poll to find out what people think of a certain speech or a policy that you are getting ready to vote on.

Once you know what makes your constituents tick, you have the tools to sway them to your way of thinking. Whether you're trying to get elected or trying to get people behind a certain policy, this information can be essential.

3. You Want to Know What Language Appeals to Your Constituents

In some cases, you may be on the same page with another person, but the language you are using may turn them off. If you want to know what language appeals to your constituents, you may also want to use political polling. This can apply to a wide range of issues.

For example, when Ronald Reagan was in office, his staff used a lot of polling. In regard to language, they found out that the public was more likely to support space-centered defense programs if they used the Hollywood-esque phrase "Star Wars" rather than the more formal but boring phrase "Strategic Defense Initiative."

Using a poll to tweak your language, even if it's just slightly, can help you obtain the results you want.

4. You Don't Have Any Volunteers or Staff to Do Polling on Your Own

You could try to find out what your residents think just by calling them directly. Unfortunately, however, that takes a lot of time, and it's nearly impossible to do without a large staff or a group of dedicated volunteers.

If you opt to work with a political polling company, you have trained pollsters ready to make the calls and record the answers.

5. You Aren't Sure Which Questions to Ask

When you hire a company to do political polling, they don't just take a list of questions and make phone calls for you. Rather, they provide valuable consultancy services that can help improve your life as a politician.

In particular, these professionals can help you figure out which questions to ask. Basically, you talk with them about your objectives, and they use their political polling experience to help you decide which direction to take with the polling.

If you think political polling may be the right step for you to take, reach out to a polling company, such as Political Robo Calling, directly.