Now that you're bringing your recreational or medicinal marijuana to the market, you have to think about packaging and marketing. The cannabis marketplace is competitive and just like any other type of business, packaging is an important aspect of marketing. Here are some things to consider about your marijuana packaging design.

The Practical Matters

You have options in the design of the package itself. Depending on the products you make, you might want to use boxes, vials, jars, or other types of packaging. The design of the package should have a pleasing shape and represent what's inside. Also, think about how well the package will display. You might need to stack packages on your shelf, so level packages might be important.

In addition, you can choose between glass and plastic for some of your products, so consider what would appeal to your target market the most. Your packages should contain labels that clearly identify the type of marijuana inside as well as the strain so you and your customers can find things easily and customers can view your inventory at a glance.

The Marketing Considerations

You may want to hire a design professional to help you come up with the colors and artwork for your packages as well as the labels. Matching the packaging to your market is important for making your customers feel comfortable. You might package medicinal and recreational cannabis in different ways. Pharmacy-style packaging might be more appropriate for customers seeking medicinal marijuana while trendy packaging might appeal more to recreational users.

Your package should contain your logo and brand colors as well as brand artwork if you have it. You may also want to include graphics that depict the intended effect of the type of marijuana inside to help your customers choose what to buy. Standard marketing tips apply as well, such as making the font large and easy to read and using colors that complement each other. However, when it comes to your individual brand, you may want a sophisticated design or a casual one depending on how you want to relate to your customers.

Marketing can be complex, so working with a good designer to create your marijuana packaging design could be a good idea. Small changes in things like a font or color can have a surprising effect on how your customers perceive you. Your expertise may be growing marijuana rather than marketing, but developing your brand is important for helping your business grow and the type of packaging you choose is one way to brand your dispensary.