Advertising flags have been around for many years now, and there are always new companies in need of them for a particular event or showcase. Some companies utilize advertising flags throughout the year and just have them located near their shop all the time. They can provide great results, as they are eye-catching, more enjoyable to look at than traditional advertising, and mobile. Here are some of the features you should be looking at when buying your advertising flags to ensure that they last for a long time and look good while they are set up.


Even if you are only setting your advertising flags up so that one side is meant to be seen, having double-sided flags means that on the odd chance the wind blows the flag the other way that it will still be legible. Besides, you may want to use your advertising flags again for a different event that could make use of the double-sided flags. Giving yourself the option and making your flags as efficient as possible is the best way to ensure that your flag can fit any occasion. To add onto that, it is not that much more expensive to choose double-sided flags; it is just about knowing to look for them in the first place.

Simple Installation

Some things just should not be that complicated to use and set up, and advertising flags definitely fall into that category. The last thing you want is to have to spend a huge chunk of your setting up time figuring out how to put together these small advertising flags when your time could be best spent somewhere else. Look for a simple construction that you can explain to all your employees so that anyone can do it, and don't forget that it should be easy to take down as well. At the end of a long day, you just want to be able to pick them up and store them quickly so you can get home.

Sharpness Of Colors

The best way to tell if you will actually like your advertising flags is to go and see them in person. Some cheaper flags definitely have a more washed-out texture that will clearly not last well in the sun or rain, while others that are more well made have a defined look that can last years. The only way to know for sure is to get out there and see them. Before you make any sort of purchase when it comes to advertising flags you should always make sure to have an in-person viewing of them, as online pictures do not always capture the same look as the real deal!